Poo-Pourri 2oz Hand Sanitizer

6/18/2021 from Product Search 
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Do your doody. Sanitize your hands. Poo-Pourri knows poop. It is crucial that we maintain good personal hygiene to avoid spreading germs and feces contamination, including disinfecting our hands after we "go" and throughout the day. Kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs in 15 seconds! Soothing lavender and coconut essential oils to promote calmness and comfort. Made with natural essential oils. 70% alcohol content. No rinse, quick-drying spray formula. Moisture replacing ingredients to reduce drying and redness. Leaves hands soft and germ free without drying. All naturally derived ingredients. Synthetic fragrance free. Benzalkonium free. Triclosan free. Phthalate free. EDTA free. Not tested on animals. Made in the USA.

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Poo-Pourri 2oz Hand Sanitizer

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