3-PK of Purifize 2oz Hand Sanitizer - Made in the USA

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Purifize Hand Sanitizer is Made in the USA, in stock and shipping today! Created to be better than other cleaners or sanitizers on the market, Purifize contains 75% alcohol by volume to disinfect and kill germs, viruses and bacteria, not only on your hands but surfaces as well. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using 60% alcohol to kill these pesky germs but Purifize delivers more sanitizing power to keep you and your family safe. As seen on Chicago ABC7 News as well as other TV outlets! Remember this is Made In the USA. FEATURES AND BENEFITS - 70% Alcohol Cleaner (75% Alcohol by volume) - FDA Approved - Exceeds CDC recommendations for germ control - Maximum Strength - Cleans Hands - You get three bottles 2 fl oz each - Perfect for travel - Made in the USA Thanks To Your Support We have been able to donate cases of Purifize to our local Police and Fire Departments to help keep our first responders safe. We will continue to donate to those agencies serving the public who are in desperate need of supplies. Active Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol: 70% Inactive Ingredients: water, fragrance, thickener

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3-PK of Purifize 2oz Hand Sanitizer - Made in the USA

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