iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer

11/26/2020 from Product Search 

iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer: The iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer functions to eliminate unwanted and harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside on your toothbrush. Using the UV-C sterilizing lamp, up to 99.9% of these germs are eradicated from your toothbrush in approximately 7 minutes. This UV-C lamp also known as germicidal UV emits sufficient doses to eliminate dangerous micro-organisms. The UV-C lamp will last an estimated 6 years. Holds four toothbrushes at a time, so it's great for whole family. Powered by two standard AA batteries (not included) which will last approximately 3 months if used twice per day. Rechargeable AA batteries can also be used.

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iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer

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